An finding is an individual nonconformity noticed during a walkthrough.

Tracking Number Facility Comments Closed Sort descending
FXELMS201800000B Elkridge Landing Middle School No
FXPVMS201800004B Patuxent Valley Middle School Missing escutcheon plate No
FXXCHS2018000186 Centennial High School Dirty return No
FXXGHS20180001BB Glenelg High School No
FXWLHS2018000272 Wilde Lake High School No
FXOMMS201800031A Oakland Mills Middle School Possible occupant discomfort. Foil on diffuser No
FXOMMS2018000334 Oakland Mills Middle School At cafeteria double doors to exterior No
FXOMMS2018000349 Oakland Mills Middle School Peeling paint near return No
FXMHMS201800037F Murray Hill Middle School No
FXRHHS20180003F8 River Hill High School Paint cracked on the wall stairwell No
FXXRHS2018000447 Reservoir High School Vents in the ceiling and spider webs. No
FXRHHS2018000459 River Hill High School No
FXRHHS2018000469 River Hill High School Painted No
FXXPMS201800047E Patapsco Middle School Crack in window No
FXMHHS20180004BE Mount Hebron High School Repairs wall needs o be painted No
FXMHHS20180004D0 Mount Hebron High School Rust on sprinkler head. Carpet cleaner remnant on… No
FXMHHS20180004E3 Mount Hebron High School AV cord hanging from ceiling No
FXMHHS20180004F8 Mount Hebron High School Open seam in cinder block wall outside room 132 No
FXXCLS20190005CF Cedar Lane School No
FXBMMS20190005E6 Burleigh Manor Middle School Plywood sheet blocking make up air vents in… No
FXBMMS2019000625 Burleigh Manor Middle School No
FXBWES201900063C Bryant Woods Elementary School Exit light out No
FXLEMS20190006DC Lake Elkhorn Middle School Supply diffuser rusty, submit work order to be… No
FXLEMS20190006F2 Lake Elkhorn Middle School Pipe insulation deteriroating No
FXXWES201800000C Worthington Elementary School No
FXLRHS201800001C Long Reach High School No
FXXCES2018000030 Clarksville Elementary School No
FXXGHS20180001BC Glenelg High School No
FXLRHS20180001F9 Long Reach High School No emergency electrical shut-off, science room No
FXWLHS2018000273 Wilde Lake High School No
FXMHMS20180002C5 Murray Hill Middle School Bowed ceiling tile really noticeable with lights… No
FXOMMS201800034B Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door to class 20
Crack above…
FXOMMS2018000370 Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door to room 6 No
FXMHMS2018000380 Murray Hill Middle School No
FXHCMS20180003A7 Harper’s Choice Middle School No
FXRHHS201800046A River Hill High School No
FXMHHS20180004F9 Mount Hebron High School Too close to ceiling No
FXXCLS20190005A7 Cedar Lane School No
FXLKMS2019000659 Lime Kiln Middle School No
FXXIES2018000031 Ilchester Elementary School No
FXBBMS20180000B2 Bonnie Branch Middle School No
FXEMMS20180000D6 Ellicott Mills Middle School No
FXXCLS20180000EF Cedar Lane School No
FXLRHS20180001FA Long Reach High School No drain for eye wash and shower. Consider… No
FXWLHS2018000274 Wilde Lake High School No
FXOMMS2018000337 Oakland Mills Middle School Corner near Windows is dusty with cracked tile… No
FXOMMS201800034C Oakland Mills Middle School Crack near windows No
FXOMMS2018000360 Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door No
FXMHMS2018000381 Murray Hill Middle School No
FXXRHS2018000411 Reservoir High School The heater has dust in the unit. No