An finding is an individual nonconformity noticed during a walkthrough.

Tracking Number Facility Comments Closed Sort descending
FXBWES2019000648 Bryant Woods Elementary School Crack on wall No
FXLKMS2019000683 Lime Kiln Middle School Bubbling paint No
FXELMS2019000694 Elkridge Landing Middle School Ripped No
FXELMS20190006A4 Elkridge Landing Middle School Right window gap in Cmu wall to right of window… No
FXXAHS20190007EE Atholton High School No
FXXAHS2019000813 Atholton High School Crack in wall above door leading to courtyard. No
FXDOES201900086A Dayton Oaks Elementary School No
FXDRES2019000892 Deep Run Elementary School No
FXXFES20190008D4 Fulton Elementary School Window caulk missing, place work order for… No
FXMWMS2019000B01 Mayfield Woods Middle School Left sink dripping No
FXXAHS2019000BCA Atholton High School No
FXPRES2019000C2C Pointers Run Elementary School No
FXXVES2019000C74 Veterans Elementary School Hatch in ceiling loose No
FWAVES2019000C99 Waverly Elementary School No ceiling tile and exposed unattached pipe No
FXXGES201800000A Guilford Elementary School No
FXXEES201800002E Elkridge Elemetary School No
FXLRHS2018000213 Long Reach High School No
FXOMMS201800033F Oakland Mills Middle School Spider webs in corners No
FXOMMS2018000366 Oakland Mills Middle School Crack on back wall left side No
FXMHMS2018000377 Murray Hill Middle School No
FXXRHS2018000428 Reservoir High School Refrigerator and microwave found No
FXXPMS2018000487 Patapsco Middle School Leaking from roof after rain. No
FXWLMS201800053E Wilde Lake Middle School Items floor No
FXXCLS20190005B1 Cedar Lane School No
FXELMS2019000695 Elkridge Landing Middle School No
FXFRES2019000748 Forest Ridge Elementary School No
FXCCES2019000763 Clemens Crossing Elementary School No
FXMWES201900092A Manor Woods Elementary School No
FXMHHS2019000A09 Mount Hebron High School No
FXXHES2019000AAF Hammond Elementary School No
FXXHES2019000AC8 Hammond Elementary School Tile peeling up by fridge No
FXMWMS2019000ADF Mayfield Woods Middle School First sink leaking No
FXMWMS2019000B02 Mayfield Woods Middle School Mirrors scratched No
FXMWMS2019000B24 Mayfield Woods Middle School Dripping in sink No
FXMWMS2019000B44 Mayfield Woods Middle School The left door underneath near middle has gap No
FXOMHS2019000BB0 Oakland Mills High School No
FXHSES2019000BE7 Hollifield Station Elementary School Mouse droppings on window sills No
FXXVES2019000CBB Veterans Elementary School Stained ceiling tile and water dripping from… No
FXTHES2019000CF7 Thunder Hill Elementary School Vent on wall dirty and coming off No
FXELMS201800000B Elkridge Landing Middle School No
FXPVMS201800004B Patuxent Valley Middle School Missing escutcheon plate No
FXLRHS20180001E8 Long Reach High School Missing camera cover on ceiling No
FXWLHS2018000269 Wilde Lake High School Need surge protectors No
FXWLHS201800027D Wilde Lake High School No
FXMHMS20180002D1 Murray Hill Middle School Door without ramp No
FXOMMS201800032A Oakland Mills Middle School Spider webs along interior electrical on exterior… No
FXOMMS2018000341 Oakland Mills Middle School Cracks along whole left wall No
FXOMMS2018000357 Oakland Mills Middle School Walls are separated from ceiling No
FXOMMS2018000368 Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door to next room No
FXMHMS2018000378 Murray Hill Middle School No