An finding is an individual nonconformity noticed during a walkthrough.

Tracking Number Facility Comments Closed Sort descending
FXDRES201900089B Deep Run Elementary School Droppings & traps No
FXMWES201900090C Manor Woods Elementary School Dead bugs behind light lense No
FXJHES20190009EE Jeffers Hill Elementary School No
FXHOHS2019000AA7 Howard High School Microwave, coffee pot, fridge No
FXMWMS2019000AFA Mayfield Woods Middle School Gaps under both doors larger on bottom left side No
FXMWMS2019000B3C Mayfield Woods Middle School Scratched mirror on right No
FXMWMS2019000B5D Mayfield Woods Middle School Out of order stall No
FXXCMS2019000BA8 Clarksville Middle School No
FXXAES2019000BBF Atholton Elementary School Damaged fiberglass pipe Insulation No
FXHSES2019000C37 Hollifield Station Elementary School Two windows seal broken No
FXXVES2019000C4E Veterans Elementary School Very dirty under sink; intake vents dirty No
FWAVES2019000C92 Waverly Elementary School HVAC unit noisy No
FXMHMS2019000DDC Murray Hill Middle School No
FXCRES2019000E55 Cradlerock Elementary School Shelving pulling away from wall, cubbies covering… No
FXXGHS2019000E98 Glenelg High School best door lock needs rTo be changed No
FXXGHS2019000EB4 Glenelg High School door handle leading
to stage is broken
FXXGHS2019000ECD Glenelg High School Paint peeling off the wall and the ductwork No
FXGCES2019000F65 Gorman Crossing Elementary School Corners near closet are worn and metal edging… No
FXXEES2019000FBD Elkridge Elemetary School No
FXWFES2019000FF1 West Friendship Elementary School Ceiling mounted unit making noise No
FXWFES2019001022 West Friendship Elementary School Wood piling is raised off ground creating a… No
FXOMHS2019001068 Oakland Mills High School No
FXXNES2019001168 Northfield Elementary School No
FXBBES2018000013 Bollman Bridge Elementary School No
FXCLES2018000027 Centennial Lane Elementary School No
FXXCHS2018000178 Centennial High School Rusted air return vents No
FXLRHS20180001FE Long Reach High School No water pipe covers under sinks No
FXHCMS201800021D Harper’s Choice Middle School No
FXWLHS2018000273 Wilde Lake High School No
FXMHMS20180002C5 Murray Hill Middle School Bowed ceiling tile really noticeable with lights… No
FXOMMS201800034B Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door to class 20
Crack above…
FXOMMS2018000370 Oakland Mills Middle School Crack above door to room 6 No
FXMHMS2018000380 Murray Hill Middle School No
FXXRHS2018000447 Reservoir High School Vents in the ceiling and spider webs. No
FXXPMS201800047E Patapsco Middle School Crack in window No
FXMHHS20180004BE Mount Hebron High School Repairs wall needs o be painted No
FXMHHS20180004D0 Mount Hebron High School Rust on sprinkler head. Carpet cleaner remnant on… No
FXMHHS20180004E3 Mount Hebron High School AV cord hanging from ceiling No
FXMHHS20180004F8 Mount Hebron High School Open seam in cinder block wall outside room 132 No
FXXCLS20190005CF Cedar Lane School No
FXBMMS20190005E6 Burleigh Manor Middle School Plywood sheet blocking make up air vents in… No
FXBMMS2019000625 Burleigh Manor Middle School No
FXBWES201900063C Bryant Woods Elementary School Exit light out No
FXFRES2019000728 Forest Ridge Elementary School No
FXHAHS2019000784 Hammond High School No
FXCLES20190007D2 Centennial Lane Elementary School Main enterance has a metal grate that is raised… No
FXXAHS2019000820 Atholton High School Nurse indicates her office is 66 degrees. No
FXDOES2019000861 Dayton Oaks Elementary School No
FXDRES20190008AE Deep Run Elementary School One stall door locked - don,t know if this is due… No
FXJHES2019000957 Jeffers Hill Elementary School Quiet Room. -paint peeling on wall No