An assessment is conducted by an IEQ professional and consists of checks of the HVAC system and general areas.

Tracking Number School Date
HXBSES2024000107 Bellows Spring Elementary School
HXPLES2024000106 Phelps Luck Elementary School
HXJHES2024000105 Jeffers Hill Elementary School
HXXHES2024000104 Hammond Elementary School
HXXHMS2024000103 Hammond Middle School
HXELMS2024000102 Elkridge Landing Middle School
HXXEES2024000101 Elkridge Elementary School
HXPVMS2024000100 Patuxent Valley Middle School
HXXCLS20240000FF Cedar Lane School
HXLKMS20240000FE Lime Kiln Middle School
HXTRES20240000FC Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School
HXFQMS20240000FB Folly Quarter Middle School
HXCLES20240000FA Centennial Lane Elementary School
HXRBES20240000F9 Running Brook Elementary School
HXLRHS20240000F8 Long Reach High School
HXLOES20240000F7 Longfellow Elementary School
HXBWES20240000F6 Bryant Woods Elementary School
HXXXHC20240000F5 Homewood Center
HXXSES20240000F4 Swansfield Elementary School
HXXVES20240000F3 Veterans Elementary School
HXXNES20240000F2 Northfield Elementary School
HXXDMS20240000F1 Dunloggin Middle School
HXLEMS20240000F0 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
HXOMHS20240000EE Oakland Mills High School
HXCRES20240000ED Cradlerock Elementary School