An assessment is conducted by an IEQ professional and consists of checks of the HVAC system and general areas.

Tracking Number School Date
HXHHES20230000E7 Hanover Hills Elementary School
HXHCMS20230000E6 Harper’s Choice Middle School
HXXRES20230000E5 Rockburn Elementary School
HXBMMS20230000E4 Burleigh Manor Middle School
HXHHES20230000E3 Hanover Hills Elementary School
HXTVMS20230000E2 Thomas Viaduct Middle School
HXLRHS20230000E1 Long Reach High School
HXMHHS20230000E0 Mount Hebron High School
HXXNES20230000DF Northfield Elementary School
HXXDMS20230000DE Dunloggin Middle School
HXPVMS20230000DD Patuxent Valley Middle School
HXDLES20230000DC Ducketts Lane Elementary School
HXBSES20230000DB Bellows Spring Elementary School
HXXGES20230000DA Guilford Elementary School
HSJLES20230000D9 St. John’s Lane Elementary School
HXMVMS20230000D8 Mount View Middle School
HWAVES20230000D7 Waverly Elementary School
HXHOHS20230000D6 Howard High School
HXFQMS20230000D5 Folly Quarter Middle School
HXELMS20230000D4 Elkridge Landing Middle School
HXXEES20230000D3 Elkridge Elementary School
HXXARL20230000D2 Applications and Research Laboratory
HXXHES20230000D1 Hammond Elementary School
HXXHMS20230000D0 Hammond Middle School
HXTRES20230000CF Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School