A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXLEMS20230004BA Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXMWMS20230004B9 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXEMMS20230004B8 Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXCRES20230004B7 Cradlerock Elementary School
WXEMMS20230004B6 Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXXOCL20230004B5 Old Cedar Lane
WXBWES20230004B4 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBWES20230004B3 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBWES20230004B2 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXEMMS20230004B1 Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXBWES20230004AF Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXXOCL20230004AE Old Cedar Lane
WXBWES20230004AD Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBWES20230004AC Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXPVMS20230004AB Patuxent Valley Middle School
WXPVMS20230004AA Patuxent Valley Middle School
WXHHES20230004A9 Hanover Hills Elementary School
WXXAES20230004A8 Atholton Elementary School
WXDRES20230004A7 Deep Run Elementary School
WXXOCL20230004A5 Old Cedar Lane
WXXOCL20230004A4 Old Cedar Lane
WXLEMS20230004A3 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXMWES20230004A2 Manor Woods Elementary School
WXCRES20230004A1 Cradlerock Elementary School
WXXCES20230004A0 Clarksville Elementary School