A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXGMS2023000462 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS2023000461 Glenwood Middle School
WXWLHS2023000460 Wilde Lake High School
WXXGMS202300045F Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS202300045E Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS202300045D Glenwood Middle School
WXXNES202300045C Northfield Elementary School
WXXGMS202300045B Glenwood Middle School
WXMWMS202300045A Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXMWMS2023000459 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXMWMS2023000458 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXMWES2023000457 Manor Woods Elementary School
WXTVMS2023000456 Thomas Viaduct Middle School
WXMWMS2023000455 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXXCLS2023000454 Cedar Lane School
WXXHMS2023000453 Hammond Middle School
WXLKMS2023000452 Lime Kiln Middle School
WXLEMS2023000451 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXXRES2023000450 Rockburn Elementary School
WXXRES202300044F Rockburn Elementary School
WXMWMS202300044E Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXMWMS202300044D Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXXCMS202300044C Clarksville Middle School
WXHHES202300044B Hanover Hills Elementary School
WXSFES202300044A Stevens Forest Elementary School