A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXMHMS201800007A Murray Hill Middle School
WXMHMS2018000079 Murray Hill Middle School
WXMHMS2018000078 Murray Hill Middle School
WXXARL2018000076 Applications and Research Lab
WXXNES2018000074 Northfield Elementary School
WXXNES2018000073 Northfield Elementary School
WXXFES2018000072 Fulton Elementary School
WXWLHS2018000071 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS2018000070 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS201800006F Wilde Lake High School
WXRHHS201800006E River Hill High School
WXRHHS201800006D River Hill High School
WXWLHS201800006C Wilde Lake High School
WXBBMS2018000053 Bonnie Branch Middle School
WXXGMS2018000067 Glenwood Middle School
WXHOHS2018000066 Howard High School
WXHOHS2018000065 Howard High School
WXMHMS2018000064 Murray Hill Middle School
WXPRES2018000063 Pointers Run Elementary School
WXXCLS2018000062 Cedar Lane School
WXWLHS2018000061 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS2018000060 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS201800005F Wilde Lake High School
WXFQMS201800005E Folly Quarter Middle School
WXWLHS201800005C Wilde Lake High School