A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXBWES20190001F1 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBWES20190001F0 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBBES20190001EF Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXXGHS20190001EE Glenelg High School
WWATES20190001ED Waterloo Elementary School
WXHOHS00580001EC Howard High School
WXHOHS20190001EB Howard High School
WXHOHS20190001EA Howard High School
WXWLHS20190001E9 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS20190001E8 Wilde Lake High School
WXXAHS00530001E7 Atholton High School
WXXAHS20190001E6 Atholton High School
WXXCHS20190001E5 Centennial High School
WXMWES20190001E4 Manor Woods Elementary School
WXPRES20190001E3 Pointers Run Elementary School
WXFRES20190001E2 Forest Ridge Elementary School
WXFRES20190001E1 Forest Ridge Elementary School
WXPRES20190001E0 Pointers Run Elementary School
WXPRES20190001DF Pointers Run Elementary School
WXHOHS20190001DE Howard High School
WXHOHS20190001DD Howard High School
WXRHHS20190001DC River Hill High School
WXXIES20190001DB Ilchester Elementary School
WXLRHS20190001DA Long Reach High School
WXXHMS20190001D9 Hammond Middle School