A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXOCL2020000336 Old Cedar Lane
WXWLMS2020000335 Wilde Lake Middle School
WXXFES2020000334 Fulton Elementary School
WXXFES2020000333 Fulton Elementary School
WXRHHS2020000332 River Hill High School
WXRHHS202000032F River Hill High School
WXRHHS202000032E River Hill High School
WXBWES202000032D Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBWES202000032C Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXWFES202000032B West Friendship Elementary School
WXFRES202000032A Forest Ridge Elementary School
WXLRHS2020000329 Long Reach High School
WXLRHS2020000328 Long Reach High School
WXMHHS2020000327 Mount Hebron High School
WXMHHS2020000326 Mount Hebron High School
WXXAHS2020000325 Atholton High School
WXXNES2020000324 Northfield Elementary School
WXXNES2020000323 Northfield Elementary School
WXXNES2020000322 Northfield Elementary School
WXFRES2020000321 Forest Ridge Elementary School
WXEMMS2020000320 Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXXVES202000031F Veterans Elementary School
WXHOHS202000031E Howard High School
WXHOHS202000031D Howard High School
WXXNES202000031C Northfield Elementary School