A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXFES2020000312 Fulton Elementary School
WXSFES2020000309 Stevens Forest Elementary School
WXXIES2020000307 Ilchester Elementary School
WXXIES2020000306 Ilchester Elementary School
WXXARL2020000305 Applications and Research Laboratory
WXXVES2020000304 Veterans Elementary School
WXHOHS2020000302 Howard High School
WXLEMS20200002FE Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXXVES20200002FC Veterans Elementary School
WXXVES20200002FB Veterans Elementary School
WXHSES20200002FA Hollifield Station Elementary School
WXLEMS20200002F9 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXLEMS20200002F8 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXXVES20200002F7 Veterans Elementary School
WXWOES20200002F5 Worthington Elementary School
WXXGES20200002F3 Guilford Elementary School
WXXSES20200002F1 Swansfield Elementary School
WXXEES20200002ED Elkridge Elemetary School
WXTHES20200002EB Thunder Hill Elementary School
WXHCMS20190002EA Harper’s Choice Middle School
WXXCHS20200002E9 Centennial High School
WXBBMS20200002E7 Bonnie Branch Middle School
WXXGHS20200002E5 Glenelg High School
WXTRES20200002E3 Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School
WXRHHS20200002DF River Hill High School