A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXRHS20220003E2 Reservoir High School
WXXRHS20220003E1 Reservoir High School
WXLKMS20220003D7 Lime Kiln Middle School
WXDRES20220003D5 Deep Run Elementary School
WXXLES20220003D4 Lisbon Elementary School
WXXLES20220003D3 Lisbon Elementary School
WXBBES20220003D2 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBES20220003D1 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXEMMS20220003D0 Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXEMMS20220003CF Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXWLHS20220003CD Wilde Lake High School
WXOMMS20220003CC Oakland Mills Middle School
WXBBES20220003CB Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXXAES20220003CA Atholton Elementary School
WXXAES20220003C9 Atholton Elementary School
WXELMS20220003C8 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXELMS20220003C7 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXXGMS20220003C6 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20220003C5 Glenwood Middle School
WXXLES20220003C4 Lisbon Elementary School
WXWFES20220003C3 West Friendship Elementary School
WXXGES20220003C2 Guilford Elementary School
WXXCLS20220003C1 Cedar Lane School
WXPLES20220003C0 Phelps Luck Elementary School
WXXARL20220003BF Applications and Research Laboratory