A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXSES2024000509 Swansfield Elementary School
WXMWMS2024000508 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXTSES2024000507 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXTVMS2024000506 Thomas Viaduct Middle School
WXXIES2024000505 Ilchester Elementary School
WXPRES2024000504 Pointers Run Elementary School
WXCCES2024000503 Clemens Crossing Elementary School
WXCCES2024000502 Clemens Crossing Elementary School
WXXPMS2024000501 Patapsco Middle School
WXBMMS2024000500 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WWAVES20240004FF Waverly Elementary School
WXMRHS20240004FE Marriotts Ridge High School
WXOMHS20240004FD Oakland Mills High School
WXXDMS20240004FC Dunloggin Middle School
WXXDMS20240004FB Dunloggin Middle School
WXXDMS20240004FA Dunloggin Middle School
WXOMHS20240004F9 Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS20240004F8 Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS20240004F7 Oakland Mills High School
WXXAHS20240004F6 Atholton High School
WXOMHS20240004F5 Oakland Mills High School
WXFQMS20240004F4 Folly Quarter Middle School
WXFQMS20240004F3 Folly Quarter Middle School
WXRHHS20240004F2 River Hill High School
WWAVES20240004F1 Waverly Elementary School