A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXHAHS20220003AB Hammond High School
WXCLES20220003AA Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXXCHS20220003A9 Centennial High School
WXXCHS20210003A8 Centennial High School
WXXCHS20210003A7 Centennial High School
WXSFES20210003A6 Stevens Forest Elementary School
WXXCHS20210003A5 Centennial High School
WXXCHS20210003A4 Centennial High School
WXXCHS20210003A3 Centennial High School
WXXARL20210003A2 Applications and Research Laboratory
WXTHES20210003A1 Thunder Hill Elementary School
WXTHES20210003A0 Thunder Hill Elementary School
WXHOHS202100039F Howard High School
WXHOHS202100039E Howard High School
WXXCMS202100039D Clarksville Middle School
WXXCMS202100039C Clarksville Middle School
WXBPES202100039B Bushy Park Elementary School
WXXGES202100039A Guilford Elementary School
WXXIES2021000399 Ilchester Elementary School
WXXIES2021000398 Ilchester Elementary School
WXCLES2021000397 Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXBBES2021000395 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXXXCO2021000394 Central Office
WXXXCO2021000393 Central Office
WXWFES2021000392 West Friendship Elementary School