A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXNES2019000126 Northfield Elementary School
WXXFES2019000124 Fulton Elementary School
WXDRES2019000123 Deep Run Elementary School
WXDOES2019000121 Dayton Oaks Elementary School
WXXVES2019000120 Veterans Elementary School
WXXVES201900011F Veterans Elementary School
WXXVES201900011E Veterans Elementary School
WXXAHS201900011D Atholton High School
WXXCHS201900011B Centennial High School
WXRHHS201800011A River Hill High School
WXRHHS2018000119 River Hill High School
WXRHHS2018000118 River Hill High School
WXCLES2019000117 Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXXDMS2019000116 Dunloggin Middle School
WXFQMS2018000115 Folly Quarter Middle School
WXFQMS0006000114 Folly Quarter Middle School
WXHAHS2019000113 Hammond High School
WXXHMS2019000111 Hammond Middle School
WXCCES201900010D Clemens Crossing Elementary School
WXFRES201900010C Forest Ridge Elementary School
WXXDMS201800010B Dunloggin Middle School
WXXCES2019000109 Clarksville Elementary School
WXLEMS2019000108 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXDLES2019000106 Ducketts Lane Elementary School
WXXFES2018000105 Fulton Elementary School