Walkthrough: Waverly Elementary School: March 13th, 2019 (WWAVES201900017A)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FWAVES2019000C9C Fake flowers and a pillow A134 Yes
FWAVES2019000C9B Nick nacks in door A133 Yes
FWAVES2019000C9A Fake flowers A132 Yes
FWAVES2019000C99 No ceiling tile and exposed unattached pipe A125 No
FWAVES2019000C98 Puppets A126 Special Ed room Yes
FWAVES2019000C97 Puppets A124 Yes
FWAVES2019000C96 Ceiling tile missing B123 Yes
FWAVES2019000C95 Media storage - items stored less than 18 inches… B113c Yes
FWAVES2019000C94 Stuffed animals B110A Yes
FWAVES2019000C93 Stuffed animals B110 Yes
FWAVES2019000C92 HVAC unit noisy B156 No
FWAVES2019000C91 Stuffed animal hanging off white board B131 Yes
FWAVES2019000C90 Stuffed animal on crate B129 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8F Stuffed animal on desk B128 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8E Vase of dried flowers by sink. B127 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8D Upholstered chair - OK? Like those in Media Center b127 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8C Vase with flowers needs tray C29 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8B 4 plants need tray underneath (1 by window, 3 up… B104 Yes
FWAVES2019000C8A Stuffed animals (hanging off cabinets) B104 Yes
FWAVES2019000C89 Small blue area rug (shag rug style) B103 Yes
FWAVES2019000C88 1 fake plant on the teacher's desk B101 Yes
FWAVES2019000C87 Rips/tears in ceiling - not tiles through Cafeteria Yes
FWAVES2019000C86 Refrigerator in the rear section. Cafeteria Yes
FWAVES2019000C85 2 fake plants on a desk in the rear section Cafeteria Yes
FWAVES2019000C84 File cabinets dusty. All portables Yes