A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXRHS2019000236 Reservoir High School
WXMWES2019000234 Manor Woods Elementary School
WXRHHS2019000232 River Hill High School
WXXCLS201900022E Cedar Lane School
WXXCMS201900022D Clarksville Middle School
WXMVMS201900022C Mount View Middle School
WXMVMS201900022B Mount View Middle School
WXMVMS201900022A Mount View Middle School
WXWFES2019000229 West Friendship Elementary School
WXTVMS201900021E Thomas Viaduct Middle School
WXWLMS2019000219 Wilde Lake Middle School
WXXVES2019000217 Veterans Elementary School
WXXVES2019000216 Veterans Elementary School
WXXGMS2019000214 Glenwood Middle School
WXXOCL2019000211 Old Cedar Lane
WXXGHS2019000210 Glenelg High School
WXLRHS201900020F Long Reach High School
WXLRHS201900020E Long Reach High School
WXXGMS201900020C Glenwood Middle School
WXMHHS201900020B Mount Hebron High School
WXMHHS201900020A Mount Hebron High School
WXMHHS2019000209 Mount Hebron High School
WXTSES2019000208 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXTSES2019000207 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXTSES2019000206 Talbott Springs Elementary School