A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXJHES202100034F Jeffers Hill Elementary School
WXJHES202100034E Jeffers Hill Elementary School
WXXNES202100034D Northfield Elementary School
WXXNES202100034C Northfield Elementary School
WXWLHS202100034B Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS202100034A Wilde Lake High School
WXCRES2021000349 Cradlerock Elementary School
WXLEMS2021000348 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXLEMS2021000347 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXLEMS2021000346 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXLEMS2021000345 Lake Elkhorn Middle School
WXXCHS2021000344 Centennial High School
WXWOES2021000343 Worthington Elementary School
WXXHES2021000342 Hammond Elementary School
WXXNES2020000341 Northfield Elementary School
WXHOHS2020000340 Howard High School
WXRHHS202000033F River Hill High School
WXMRHS202000033E Marriotts Ridge High School
WXRHHS202000033D River Hill High School
WXWOES202000033C Worthington Elementary School
WXXAES202000033B Atholton Elementary School
WXMRHS202000033A Marriotts Ridge High School
WXHOHS2020000339 Howard High School
WXMHMS2020000338 Murray Hill Middle School
WXXAES2020000337 Atholton Elementary School