A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXXGMS20190001C9 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C8 Glenwood Middle School
WXLRHS20190001C7 Long Reach High School
WXXGMS20190001C6 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C5 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C4 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C3 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C2 Glenwood Middle School
WXXGMS20190001C1 Glenwood Middle School
WXBBES20190001BB Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXLRHS20190001BA Long Reach High School
WXXNES20190001B9 Northfield Elementary School
WXXNES20190001B8 Northfield Elementary School
WXLRHS20190001B7 Long Reach High School
WWAVES20190001B6 Waverly Elementary School
WXMRHS20190001B5 Marriotts Ridge High School
WXMRHS20190001B4 Marriotts Ridge High School
WXBBES20190001B3 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXTRES20190001B1 Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School
WXBSES20190001AF Bellows Spring Elementary School
WXXDMS20190001AE Dunloggin Middle School
WXWLMS20190001AD Wilde Lake Middle School
WXXRES20190001AC Rockburn Elementary School
WXLRHS20190001AB Long Reach High School
WXMWMS20190001AA Mayfield Woods Middle School