A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXEMMS201800005A Ellicott Mills Middle School
WXWLHS2018000059 Wilde Lake High School
WXXNES2018000058 Northfield Elementary School
WXELMS2018000057 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXELMS2018000056 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXXOCL2018000055 Old Cedar Lane
WXXARL2018000051 Applications and Research Lab
WXLRHS2018000050 Long Reach High School
WXPVMS201800004F Patuxent Valley Middle School
WXMVMS2018000048 Mount View Middle School
WXXEES2018000044 Elkridge Elemetary School
WXXEES2018000043 Elkridge Elemetary School
WXWLHS2018000042 Wilde Lake High School
WXWLHS2018000041 Wilde Lake High School
WXBMMS2018000040 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WXCLES201800003F Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXLWES201800003E Laurel Woods Elementary School
WXLWES201800003D Laurel Woods Elementary School
WXLWES201800003C Laurel Woods Elementary School
WXXGHS201800003B Glenelg High School
WXXGHS201800003A Glenelg High School
WXXGHS2018000039 Glenelg High School
WXMVMS2018000038 Mount View Middle School
WXXEES2018000037 Elkridge Elemetary School
WXXEES2018000036 Elkridge Elemetary School