Walkthrough: Veterans Elementary School: March 9th, 2020 (WXXVES20200002F7)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXVES2020001DDF Stain a38 Yes
FXXVES2020001DDE Multiple stained tiles A37 Yes
FXXVES2020001DDD Dirty diffuser a38 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD8 Stain a07 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD5 Small stain on far left edge a48 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD4 Stain in bathroom. b62 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD3 Cracked ceiling tile a04 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD2 Stained tile on ceiling in hallway outside A66 north_hall_east Yes
FXXVES2020001DD1 Middle light is out a70 Yes
FXXVES2020001DD0 Water stain on tile near left window. b56 Yes
FXXVES2020001DCF Ceiling tile out of grid in storage a47 of… a76 Yes
FXXVES2020001DCE Diffusers dirty a76 Yes
FXXVES2020001DCD Light cover above chalkboard is loose on one… b57 Yes
FXXVES2020001DCC Possible air freshner a67 Yes
FXXVES2020001DCB Fabric chair in room a66 Yes
FXXVES2020001DC7 Stained tiles above flag a72 Yes
FXXVES2020001DC5 Lamps on counters a71 Yes
FXXVES2020001DC4 Crack in wall near water fountain 5th grade ela No
FXXVES2020001DC3 Stained tiles near library entry a71 Yes
FXXVES2020001DC2 a71 Yes
FXXVES2020001DC0 Two stained tiles above basin B50 Yes
FXXVES2020001DBE Rooms smells pleasant of air freshener- one… d35 Yes
FXXVES2020001DBC Floor to ceiling crack in interior wall beside… b30 No
FXXVES2020001DBB Stain near diffuser towards window d38 Yes
FXXVES2020001DBA Stain near diffuser towards window d38 Yes