Walkthrough: Veterans Elementary School: March 12th, 2019 (WXXVES2019000179)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXVES2019000CD6 Window sill dirty. B57 Yes
FXXVES2019000CD5 Crack near door B-30 No
FXXVES2019000CD4 Crack near door on wall. B25 No
FXXVES2019000CD3 B24 Yes
FXXVES2019000CD2 B19 Yes
FXXVES2019000CD1 Room warm B06 No
FXXVES2019000CD0 Window sill dusty A04 Yes
FXXVES2019000CCF Crack near TV wall B-02 No
FXXVES2019000CCE A94 Yes
FXXVES2019000CCD Debris on HVAC. C10 Yes
FXXVES2019000CCC Curtains need to be cleaned. C09 Yes
FXXVES2019000CCB coffee maker and carpet C08 Yes
FXXVES2019000CCA Artificial plants, camp chairs, and non-HCPSS… C07 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC9 DO2 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC8 Debris under HVAC DO2 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC7 debris under HVAC D03 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC6 D03 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC5 Bag of chips under sink. Needs container. D04 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC4 beanbag chairs, desk lamp, floor lamp, throw rug D05 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC3 HVAC has debris under it. D08 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC2 Pillows, rocking chair, and cord protector needed. D08 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC1 Bench seat with cushions. D12 Yes
FXXVES2019000CC0 Rocking chair w/ cushions. D14 Yes
FXXVES2019000CBF Pillowj D15 Yes
FXXVES2019000CBE Dirty about vents above coat closet. D16 Yes