Walkthrough: Swansfield Elementary School: March 4th, 2020 (WXXSES20200002F1)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXSES2020001D5A Spiderwebs by back window, upper right. Room 139 No
FXXSES2020001D59 Dusty vent Room 147 Yes
FXXSES2020001D58 Ceiling vent needs dusted 166a Yes
FXXSES2020001D57 Ceiling vent needs dusted hallway_167 Yes
FXXSES2020001D56 Spider webs in doorways Back entryway No
FXXSES2020001D54 Stained ceiling tile in the corner Room 126 Yes
FXXSES2020001D53 Mouse trap Room 136 No
FXXSES2020001D51 Holes in caulk around exterior door Room 138 No
FXXSES2020001D50 Ceiling vents need cleaned Room 159 Yes
FXXSES2020001D4F Dirty air supply diffuser Room 170 Yes
FXXSES2020001D4E Ceiliing at window. Holes in plaster (not ceiling… Room 138 No
FXXSES2020001D4B Ceiling vents need cleaned 2nd Grade ELR Yes
FXXSES2020001D4A Ceiling vent needs cleaned 2nd grade pod Yes
FXXSES2020001D49 Ceiling by window, small holes. Not tiles portion… Room 135 No
FXXSES2020001D48 Stained tile in front right corner Room 140 Yes
FXXSES2020001D47 Ceiling vents need cleaned Room 165 Yes
FXXSES2020001D46 Ceiling tile stained Room 164 Yes
FXXSES2020001D45 Clean out cover with washer and screw sticking… Room 184 No
FXXSES2020001D43 Ceiling vents needs dusted Room 194 Yes
FXXSES2020001D42 Dusty ceiling vents 191b Yes
FXXSES2020001D41 Stain in tile near 127 in hallway hallway_144 Yes
FXXSES2020001D40 Stain near network router outside of 128 hallway_144 Yes
FXXSES2020001D3F Multiple mouse traps Room 157 No
FXXSES2020001D3E Ceiling vent needs dusted Teacher lounge bathroom Yes
FXXSES2020001D3D Ceiling vent needs dusted 187B Yes