Walkthrough: Glenelg High School: April 3rd, 2019 (WXXGHS2019000195)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGHS2019000ECE Loud airflow noise from the heating/AC system. Storage Room off of room 116 No
FXXGHS2019000ECD Paint peeling off the wall and the ductwork Storage Room off of room 176 No
FXXGHS2019000ECC Per the teacher, water comes in thru the… Room 176 No
FXXGHS2019000ECB Per the teacher, during the air conditioning mode… Room 175 No
FXXGHS2019000ECA Psychologist Office Yes
FXXGHS2019000EC7 Room 312 No
FXXGHS2019000EC5 Too cold Room 312 No
FXXGHS2019000EC3 lock on restroom needs to be changed to allow… Men's Room No
FXXGHS2019000EC2 Room 176 No
FXXGHS2019000EBF Door striker needs to be replaced instrument Storage Room No
FXXGHS2019000EBD Broken step, moldings Room 302 No
FXXGHS2019000EBC Room 302 No
FXXGHS2019000EBA Near Paris speaker 304b Yes
FXXGHS2019000EB8 Too hot 304a No
FXXGHS2019000EB6 Cracked ceiling tile near pa 304a Yes
FXXGHS2019000EB4 door handle leading
to stage is broken
Room 305 No
FXXGHS2019000EB2 Gum on Seats in row 3 auditorium Yes
FXXGHS2019000EB1 Psychologist offce Yes
FXXGHS2019000EB0 Room 124 Yes
FXXGHS2019000EAE Media office Yes
FXXGHS2019000EAD Screens missing from two windows Room 137 No
FXXGHS2019000EAB ants coming through crack by window Room 137 No
FXXGHS2019000EA9 No Emergency lights Room 137 No
FXXGHS2019000EA7 Broken bulletin board Room 136 No
FXXGHS2019000EA5 Room 136 Yes