Walkthrough: Elkridge Elemetary School: February 28th, 2020 (WXXEES20200002ED)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXEES2020001E58 vent needs cleaning Lower level custodial closet by stairway Yes
FXXEES2020001E54 room is cold Erica Th. room No
FXXEES2020001E02 Left class - water stain below skylight Back Pod No
FXXEES2020001E01 Back right window rupture seal "gutter drips… Portable 77 No
FXXEES2020001E00 Check thermometer calibration - indicating 56 but… Portable 77 No
FXXEES2020001DFF Back right GT Pod - stained ceiling tile GT Pod Yes
FXXEES2020001DFE Back left (GT Pod) - always cold GT Pod No
FXXEES2020001DFD stand alone lamp Music storage Yes
FXXEES2020001DFC right side of storage area - housekeeping and… PE storage Yes
FXXEES2020001DFA housekeeping and microwave P/R office Yes
FXXEES2020001DF9 stained ceiling tile by lights Art Yes
FXXEES2020001DF8 kitchen dishwashing fan and right sink leaking -… cafeteria No
FXXEES2020001DF7 hole in ceiling tile outside boiler room boiler room No
FXXEES2020001DF6 excessive dust on ductwork and return stage Yes
FXXEES2020001DF4 return partially blocked by table cafeteria Yes
FXXEES2020001DF3 diffusers dirty cafeteria Yes
FXXEES2020001DF2 drains slowly staff bathrooms No
FXXEES2020001DF1 crack in wall first grade hallway No
FXXEES2020001DF0 hole in wall - outside hall to lounge fifth grade hallway No
FXXEES2020001DEF stained ceiling tile first grade pod Yes
FXXEES2020001DEE dirty - need cleaning Diffusers and returns Yes
FXXEES2020001DED All hallway walls are dirty hallway walls Yes
FXXEES2020001DEC stained ceiling tile fifth grade pod Yes
FXXEES2020001DEB Cover missing on mitsubish unit Muir No
FXXEES2020001DEA crack under window Schriefer No