Walkthrough: Clarksville Middle School: February 10th, 2020 (WXXCMS20200002CA)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCMS2020001C12 Maintain minimum of 18 inches clearance from the… Room 64 Yes
FXXCMS2020001C11 Fridge Room 14A Yes
FXXCMS2020001C10 Room 23A Yes
FXXCMS2020001C0F Ceiling mounted television very close to the… Room 10 (Science) & other rooms No
FXXCMS2020001C0E Floors not so clean Throughout the Builiding Yes
FXXCMS2020001C0D Non working fridge is stored. Needs to be… Room 24A Yes
FXXCMS2020001C0C Room 60 No
FXXCMS2020001C0A Floor needs to be swept Kitchen No
FXXCMS2020001C09 Weight Room No
FXXCMS2020001C08 Fridge Office 9A Yes
FXXCMS2020001C06 Vent is hanging Room 1 No
FXXCMS2020001C05 Room Yes
FXXCMS2020001C04 Room 42 Yes
FXXCMS2020001C03 Ceiling mounted TV too close to sprinkler head Room 10 No
FXXCMS2020001C02 Need house keeping. Bugs inside light fixture.… Room 32 Yes
FXXCMS2020001C01 Walls need painting Guidance back room No
FXXCMS2020001C00 hallway_reception Yes
FXXCMS2020001BFF Some ceiling tiles not secure Lobby Yes
FXXCMS2020001BFE Room 18 Yes