Walkthrough: Clarksville Middle School: February 25th, 2019 (WXXCMS201900014B)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCMS2019000A24 hallway_64 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A23 Room 26 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A22 Room 26 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A21 Electrical room No
FXXCMS2019000A20 Room 25 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A1F Room 22 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A1D Post it note on the ceiling tile next to theā€¦ Room 54 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A1A Room 19 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A19 Room 19 No
FXXCMS2019000A18 Room 14 Yes
FXXCMS2019000A17 TV mounted too close to the sprinkler head Room 10 No
FXXCMS2019000A16 Earle No
FXXCMS2019000A15 12a Yes
FXXCMS2019000A14 12a No
FXXCMS2019000A13 Media entrance Yes
FXXCMS2019000A12 Media Yes