Walkthrough: Atholton High School: January 29th, 2019 (WXXAHS201900011D)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXAHS201900083E Room 42 Yes
FXXAHS201900083D c144 Yes
FXXAHS201900083C c142 Yes
FXXAHS201900083B Stain a107 Yes
FXXAHS201900083A Stain a105 Yes
FXXAHS2019000839 Stain a103 Yes
FXXAHS2019000836 Stain A100 Yes
FXXAHS2019000835 b126 Yes
FXXAHS2019000832 c140 Yes
FXXAHS2019000831 c141 Yes
FXXAHS201900082F Brown stain under soap dispenser a102 No
FXXAHS201900082E c138 Yes
FXXAHS201900082D c139 Yes
FXXAHS201900082B Brown stain under soap dispenser. a102_hallway No
FXXAHS201900082A c136 No
FXXAHS2019000829 c136 Yes
FXXAHS2019000828 c137 Yes
FXXAHS2019000827 c137 Yes
FXXAHS2019000826 c135 Yes
FXXAHS2019000825 Note stronger body odor question HVAC, Place work… c150 No
FXXAHS2019000824 c134 Yes
FXXAHS2019000822 CMU cracking above right corner of window c150 No
FXXAHS2019000821 c132 Yes
FXXAHS2019000820 Nurse indicates her office is 66 degrees. Nurses office No
FXXAHS201900081F Top of lockers dusty c147_hall Yes