Walkthrough: Wilde Lake High School: December 10th, 2019 (WXWLHS201900026B)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXWLHS2019001695 Drywall ceiling has some peeling. Building… Men's restroom across from 317 No
FXWLHS2019001694 Microwave Room 317 Yes
FXWLHS2019001693 Stains and broken tiles Room 311 Yes
FXWLHS2019001692 Cement block wall on exterior wall has drilled… Room 305 No
FXWLHS2019001691 Ceiling tile not in place Room 305 Yes
FXWLHS2019001690 Drywall ceiling near window has a water stain.… Room 301 Yes
FXWLHS201900168F Stain ceiling tile Room 301 Yes
FXWLHS201900168E Dusty black shelving located behind teacher desk Room 300 Yes
FXWLHS201900168D Stain Room 309 Yes
FXWLHS201900168C Microwave and mini refrigerator Room 310 Yes
FXWLHS201900168B Stain near door Room 310 Yes
FXWLHS201900168A Carpet has linear tears / rips Room 310 No
FXWLHS2019001689 Out of grid Women's restroom across from 318 Yes
FXWLHS2019001688 Mini refrigerator Room 306 Yes
FXWLHS2019001687 Small stain Room 316 Yes
FXWLHS2019001686 Microwave Room 318 Yes
FXWLHS2019001685 Artificial plant Room 320 Yes
FXWLHS2019001684 Stain at intersection to hall to rooms 326 and… 326_hall Yes
FXWLHS2019001683 Supply diffuser dusty Room 330 No
FXWLHS2019001682 Rust on floor tile Room 332 Yes
FXWLHS2019001681 Floor of cabinet under sink with eyewash has… Room 332 No
FXWLHS2019001680 Rust on floor tile Room 334 Yes
FXWLHS201900167F Few stained tile - one with sprinkler head and… Room 334 Yes
FXWLHS201900167E Microwave near thermostat Room behind 339 Yes
FXWLHS201900167D Rust marks on floor tile Room 333 Yes