Walkthrough: Wilde Lake High School: November 28th, 2018 (WXWLHS20180000AC)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXWLHS20180002AA Athletics Office Yes
FXWLHS20180002A7 Weight Room storage Yes
FXWLHS20180002A8 Ceiling tile falling Weight Room storage Yes
FXWLHS20180002A6 Hallway in front of gym Yes
FXWLHS20180002A5 Stairwell to basement Yes
FXWLHS20180002A4 Electrical Yes
FXWLHS20180002A3 Elevator Yes
FXWLHS20180002A2 Concessions Yes
FXWLHS20180002A1 Theater Booth Yes
FXWLHS20180002A0 Room 161 Yes
FXWLHS201800029F Room 139 Yes
FXWLHS201800029E Small art closet Yes
FXWLHS201800029D Main street Yes
FXWLHS201800029C 139_office Yes
FXWLHS201800029B Stairwells Yes
FXWLHS2018000297 Room 139 Yes
FXWLHS2018000296 Missing ceiling tiles Room 307 Yes
FXWLHS2018000295 Room 171 Yes
FXWLHS2018000294 Room 151 Yes
FXWLHS2018000292 Practice 2 in room band room Yes
FXWLHS2018000291 151_hall Yes
FXWLHS201800028F Room 153 Yes
FXWLHS201800028E Room 155 Yes
FXWLHS201800028C Room 167 Yes
FXWLHS201800028B Water stain in light fixture Art closet No