Walkthrough: Thomas Viaduct Middle School: November 27th, 2018 (WXTVMS20180000A7)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXTVMS2018000254 Hole I. Ceiling above shower Girls Locker Room No
FXTVMS2018000253 Dirty under sink & soap on tile edge a65 Yes
FXTVMS2018000252 Dirty under sink & soap - on the tile edge a64 Yes
FXTVMS2018000250 Dirty return difficult to access due to storage B24 cafeteria storage Yes
FXTVMS201800024E Missing caulk on window by exterior door b36 Yes
FXTVMS201800024C Back vent stained a53 Yes
FXTVMS201800024B Floor sink - around edges
Smells musty
a53 Yes
FXTVMS2018000249 Possible dust and debris on return at front of… b03 Yes
FXTVMS2018000248 242 stairwell Yes
FXTVMS2018000247 Damaged vent a52 Yes
FXTVMS2018000246 Under middle sink a52 Yes
FXTVMS2018000245 Ceiling cracked around vent in handicap stall Room 214 No
FXTVMS2018000243 2 light fixtures with stains a40 Yes
FXTVMS2018000242 2 cracks in ceiling & one light out a51 No
FXTVMS2018000240 Light fixture panel bowed Staff restroom near admin Yes
FXTVMS201800023F Room 207 Yes