Walkthrough: Marriotts Ridge High School: November 30th, 2018 (WXMRHS20180000AF)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXMRHS201800030A Media Production Yes
FXMRHS2018000309 Very warm all day Room 326 No
FXMRHS2018000308 Cords blocking walkway Room 323 Yes
FXMRHS2018000307 Computer Lab Yes
FXMRHS2018000306 Room 322 Yes
FXMRHS2018000305 Cord blocking walkway Room 322 Yes
FXMRHS2018000304 Stuffed animals Room 312 Yes
FXMRHS2018000303 Outside Police Office Yes
FXMRHS2018000301 Side entrance auditorium_hall-2 Yes
FXMRHS2018000300 Room 224 Yes
FXMRHS20180002FF Curtains Room 342 Yes
FXMRHS20180002FE Corner hallway Yes
FXMRHS20180002FD Health Yes
FXMRHS20180002FB Room 102 Yes
FXMRHS20180002FA In and outside of room Room 102 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F9 Room 105 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F8 105 Storage Yes
FXMRHS20180002F7 Room 238 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F6 Water stains on 2 tiles Room 336 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F5 Room 240 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F4 Chem Storage Room Yes
FXMRHS20180002F3 Room 246 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F2 Boys locker room office Yes
FXMRHS20180002F1 Room 246 Yes
FXMRHS20180002F0 Asst Principal -Foyles closet Yes