Walkthrough: Howard High School: February 26th, 2019 (WXHOHS201900015D)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXHOHS2019000AAC Multiple ceiling tiles removed. Per the teacher… D106 No
FXHOHS2019000AAB V131 Yes
FXHOHS2019000AAA Nick Nacks A213 Yes
FXHOHS2019000AA9 N226 Yes
FXHOHS2019000AA8 Microwave, fridge and plant A217 Business Yes
FXHOHS2019000AA7 Microwave, coffee pot, fridge N218 Yes
FXHOHS2019000AA6 N223 Yes
FXHOHS2019000AA5 V133 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A93 n211 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A92 n203 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A91 n200 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A90 n202 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8F n206 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8E b204 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8D b201 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8C b203 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8B b209 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A8A d103 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A89 V133/V134 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A88 e121a Yes
FXHOHS2019000A87 Weight room Yes
FXHOHS2019000A84 Fridge & microwave b106 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A83 f134_hall Yes
FXHOHS2019000A82 A122 Yes
FXHOHS2019000A81 B121 Yes