Walkthrough: Hammond High School: January 24th, 2019 (WXHAHS2019000113)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXHAHS20190007B6 Guidance sink Yes
FXHAHS20190007B2 Missing tile Training Room Boys Locker Room Yes
FXHAHS20190007B1 Room 607 Yes
FXHAHS20190007B0 Missing tile, water damaged tiles Room 217 Yes
FXHAHS20190007AF Art closet Yes
FXHAHS20190007AE Room 230 No
FXHAHS20190007AD Room 230 Yes
FXHAHS20190007AB Boys Locker Room office Boys Locker Yes
FXHAHS20190007A9 Large amount of furniture in storage closet,… Boys Locker Yes
FXHAHS20190007A8 Boys Team Room Yes
FXHAHS20190007A7 Room 228 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A6 Room 226 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A5 Room 501 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A4 Room 501 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A3 Room 516 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A2 Room 302 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A1 Room 302 Yes
FXHAHS20190007A0 Room 302 Yes
FXHAHS201900079F Room 505 Yes
FXHAHS201900079E 303 office Yes
FXHAHS201900079C 303 storage Yes
FXHAHS201900079B Stagecraft - material in front of door blocking.… auditorium No
FXHAHS201900079A Room 518 Yes
FXHAHS2019000798 Stagecraft - Suspect mold growth on insulation.… auditorium Yes
FXHAHS2019000797 304 closet Yes