Walkthrough: Centennial Lane Elementary School: January 7th, 2020 (WXCLES202000027E)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXCLES202000173C Room 124 Yes
FXCLES202000173B Some cobwebs in corners of floor Room 149 Yes
FXCLES202000173A Smell of bodily fluids resurface when room gets… Room 145 Yes
FXCLES2020001739 Corner wall by pole has cobwebs the left Room 153 Yes
FXCLES2020001737 Fire extinguisher not signed off on Portables Yes
FXCLES2020001736 Room 154 Yes
FXCLES2020001735 Room 154 Yes
FXCLES2020001734 Floor could use a clean up Room 151 No
FXCLES2020001733 Corners need cleaning some dead bugs Room 155 Yes
FXCLES2020001732 Plan for stuffed animals. Room 155 Yes
FXCLES2020001731 First pod Yes
FXCLES2020001730 Plan for stuffed animals and rug to be cleaned. Room 156 Yes
FXCLES202000172F Room 200 Yes
FXCLES202000172E Hanging smoke detectors Electrical rm 131 No
FXCLES202000172D Corners of floor dirty and near double doors. Room 219 Yes
FXCLES202000172C Room 208 Yes
FXCLES202000172A Closet floor dirty Room 164 Yes
FXCLES2020001729 Consider improving housekeeping for better access… Room 139 Yes
FXCLES2020001727 Dust bunnies in closets. Film on gym floor. Room 163 Yes
FXCLES2020001726 Teacher would like a cord protector to hold cord… Room 127 Yes
FXCLES2020001725 Room 136 Yes
FXCLES2020001723 Ceiling tile askew Kitchen Dishwashing Yes
FXCLES2020001722 Room 135 Yes
FXCLES2020001721 Floor cobwebs in some areas Room 159 Yes
FXCLES2020001720 Room 134 Yes