Walkthrough: Centennial Lane Elementary School: January 28th, 2019 (WXCLES2019000117)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXCLES20190007D2 Main enterance has a metal grate that is raised… Portable 90 No
FXCLES20190007D1 Water spot on tile near back door Portable 90 Yes
FXCLES20190007D0 Light watermark on ceiling tile between fire… Room 124 Yes
FXCLES20190007CF Active leak per the principal. Ceiling tile… Room 140 Yes
FXCLES20190007CD Ceiling tile fit Room 206 Yes
FXCLES20190007CC Dust over exit Room 143 Yes
FXCLES20190007CA Ceiling tile missing Room 114 Yes
FXCLES20190007C8 Storage 110 Yes
FXCLES20190007C7 Over horseshoe table Room 144 Yes
FXCLES20190007C6 Over door Room 145 Yes
FXCLES20190007C5 Water spot in front of pull down screen. This… Room 130 Yes
FXCLES20190007C4 Room 153 No
FXCLES20190007C3 Room 153 No
FXCLES20190007C2 Plan for stuffed animals Room 155 No
FXCLES20190007C1 Plan for stuffed animals Room 158 No
FXCLES20190007C0 Over first table when walk in Room 158 Yes
FXCLES20190007BF Water stain on tile behind teachers desk Room 120 Yes
FXCLES20190007BE Over first table to right Room 218 Yes
FXCLES20190007BD Water stain on tile behind teachers desk Room 120 Yes
FXCLES20190007BB Room 105 Yes
FXCLES20190007BA Needs organizing to properly clean floor Art closet in 159 Yes
FXCLES20190007B9 Room 159 Yes