Walkthrough: Waverly Elementary School: February 12th, 2020 (WWAVES20200002CF)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FWAVES2020001C42 Dirty desks C101 Yes
FWAVES2020001C41 Dirty desks C104 Yes
FWAVES2020001C40 Dirty desks C105 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3F Dirty desks C108 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3E Dirty desks C110 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3D Dirty desks C107 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3C Dirty desks C112 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3B Dirty desks C113 Yes
FWAVES2020001C3A Dirty desks C114 Yes
FWAVES2020001C39 Dirty desks C118 Yes
FWAVES2020001C38 Dirty desks C115 Yes
FWAVES2020001C37 Crack on cinder block wall. B122 No
FWAVES2020001C36 B119 Yes
FWAVES2020001C35 Outside of exit door hole in brick between two… B102 No
FWAVES2020001C34 B116 Yes
FWAVES2020001C33 B113 Yes
FWAVES2020001C32 B113 Yes
FWAVES2020001C31 Need door sweep breeze coming from outside B142 No
FWAVES2020001C30 Few shelves have visible dust B123 storage Yes
FWAVES2020001C2F Bouquet of fake flower pens B155 Yes
FWAVES2020001C2E Chair on rollers casters B127 Yes
FWAVES2020001C2D Looks like secondary plant containers splitting… B104 Yes
FWAVES2020001C2C A125 Yes
FWAVES2020001C2B Sink dirty C115 Yes
FWAVES2020001C2A Outside in courtyard expansion joints in the… hallway_A119 No