A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXOMHS201900017C Oakland Mills High School
WXRBES201900017B Running Brook Elementary School
WWAVES201900017A Waverly Elementary School
WXXVES2019000179 Veterans Elementary School
WXPRES2019000177 Pointers Run Elementary School
WXXAHS2019000176 Atholton High School
WXHSES2019000175 Hollifield Station Elementary School
WXXAHS2019000174 Atholton High School
WXXAHS2019000173 Atholton High School
WXXAES2019000171 Atholton Elementary School
WXOMHS2019000170 Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS201900016F Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS201900016D Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS201900016C Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS201900016B Oakland Mills High School
WXOMHS201900016A Oakland Mills High School
WXXCMS2019000169 Clarksville Middle School
WXHHES2019000168 Hanover Hills Elementary School
WXMWMS2019000166 Mayfield Woods Middle School
WXELMS2019000165 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXTSES2018000164 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXXHES2019000162 Hammond Elementary School
WXSFES201900015F Stevens Forest Elementary School
WXHOHS201900015D Howard High School
WXPLES201900014C Phelps Luck Elementary School