A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Sort descending Date
WXXARL2018000076 Applications and Research Lab
WXXARL2018000051 Applications and Research Lab
WXXAES2018000085 Atholton Elementary School
WXXAES2019000171 Atholton Elementary School
WXXAHS201900011D Atholton High School
WXXAHS2019000173 Atholton High School
WXXAHS2019000174 Atholton High School
WXXAHS2019000176 Atholton High School
WXBBES2018000016 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBES20180000C6 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBES2018000090 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBES2018000091 Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBES201900017E Bollman Bridge Elementary School
WXBBMS2018000003 Bonnie Branch Middle School
WXBBMS2018000053 Bonnie Branch Middle School
WXBBMS2018000018 Bonnie Branch Middle School
WXBWES20190000F6 Bryant Woods Elementary School
WXBMMS2018000029 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WXBMMS2018000040 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WXBMMS20190000F4 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WXBMMS2018000028 Burleigh Manor Middle School
WXBPES20180000EA Bushy Park Elementary School
WXBPES201800009C Bushy Park Elementary School
WXXCLS20190000F0 Cedar Lane School
WXXCLS2018000062 Cedar Lane School