Walkthrough: Applications and Research Laboratory: March 11th, 2020 (WXXARL2020000305)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXARL2020001EA9 Panel under 4th window from right is bulged out. a20 No
FXXARL2020001EA8 Water is said to show up on floor between… a22 No
FXXARL2020001EA7 Exit door has trouble operating during extreme… a20 No
FXXARL2020001EA6 Hole in wall a21 No
FXXARL2020001EA5 Won't close and gaps Dark room No
FXXARL2020001EA4 Along length of ceiling Dark room No
FXXARL2020001EA3 Huge hole in ceiling Dark room No
FXXARL2020001EA2 Staff indicates when rains roof drains leak down… b104 No
FXXARL2020001EA1 Spe area floor bulging in a section where floor… b104 No
FXXARL2020001EA0 a18 Yes
FXXARL2020001E9F Cracked and out of place tiles 1b Yes
FXXARL2020001E9E a18 No
FXXARL2020001E9D Diffusers dirty Room left of a107 Yes
FXXARL2020001E9C Dirty tiles around diffusers Room left of a107 Yes
FXXARL2020001E9B a18 Yes
FXXARL2020001E9A a18 Yes
FXXARL2020001E99 Dirty diffusers A110 Yes
FXXARL2020001E98 Stained corner of room near pipe A110 Yes
FXXARL2020001E97 a17 Yes
FXXARL2020001E96 Exit door outside of office a110 shows signs of… b104 No
FXXARL2020001E94 a17 Yes
FXXARL2020001E92 a15 No
FXXARL2020001E91 B29 and b31 stained b19 Yes
FXXARL2020001E90 Stains in middle office and in large area outside… b46 Yes
FXXARL2020001E8D Damaged and busted tile above fume hood B62 Yes