Walkthrough: Homewood Center: December 4th, 2019 (WXXXHC2019000265)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXXHC2019001617 Missing escutcheon plate Tech Ed storage No
FXXXHC2019001616 Room 310 Yes
FXXXHC2019001614 Tile falling Gym Storage Yes
FXXXHC2019001612 Ceiling tile askew Hallway between boiler room and kitchen Yes
FXXXHC2019001610 18 " of clearance Custodial Storage with roof access Yes
FXXXHC201900160E Chair storage Cafeteria Yes
FXXXHC201900160C Chair storage - supply vents dirty Cafeteria Yes
FXXXHC201900160B 2 stained ceiling tiles Room 310 Yes
FXXXHC201900160A Room 310 Yes
FXXXHC2019001608 18 inches of clearance Gateway middle storage Yes