Walkthrough: Swansfield Elementary School: April 1st, 2019 (WXXSES201900018A)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXSES2019000E42 Room 180 Yes
FXXSES2019000E43 Room 179 Yes
FXXSES2019000E40 Lamps and stuffed animals Room 118 Yes
FXXSES2019000E3F Open ceiling tile, Dusty vent Room 115 Yes
FXXSES2019000E3D Missing Light cover Room 119 Yes
FXXSES2019000E3C Room 116 Yes
FXXSES2019000E3B Room 116 Yes
FXXSES2019000E3A Room 195 Yes
FXXSES2019000E39 Very filthy ceiling tiles. Dirty everywhere Room 163 Yes
FXXSES2019000E38 Water stain on wall Room 181 No
FXXSES2019000E37 Room 162 Yes
FXXSES2019000E36 2nd Grade ELR Yes
FXXSES2019000E35 Stained ceiling tile in closet 182a Yes
FXXSES2019000E34 Room 126 Yes
FXXSES2019000E33 Ceiling tile in storage closet Room 182 Yes
FXXSES2019000E32 Room 127 Yes
FXXSES2019000E31 Room 182 Yes
FXXSES2019000E30 Top right corner of ceiling stained Room 149 Yes
FXXSES2019000E2F Room 149 Yes
FXXSES2019000E2E Not clean in closet Room 154 Yes
FXXSES2019000E2D Storage closet vent dusty Room 196 Yes
FXXSES2019000E2B Room 155 Yes
FXXSES2019000E2A Clothing all over floor should be cleaned to… Room 201 Yes
FXXSES2019000E28 Returns to left and right of stage are dirty Room 198 Yes
FXXSES2019000E27 Items on top shelf near ceiling Room 137 Yes