Walkthrough: Reservoir High School: October 25th, 2019 (WXXRHS2019000236)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXRHS2019001330 Return obstructed Flex office Yes
FXXRHS201900132F Water stains on ceiling tiles around exit sign… Student Services Yes
FXXRHS201900132E Break Room off Cafe Yes
FXXRHS201900132D Student org room Yes
FXXRHS201900132C Two sofas Room 102 Yes
FXXRHS201900132B Small stain Room 101 Yes
FXXRHS201900132A Accessible to rodents Robe storage Yes
FXXRHS2019001328 Stains Robe storage Yes
FXXRHS2019001327 Wall joint with caulk is failing and being picked… Practice 1 No
FXXRHS2019001326 Stain Practice 3 Yes
FXXRHS2019001325 Common Area Yes
FXXRHS2019001324 Stain Band storage Yes
FXXRHS2019001323 Diffuser dirty Storage Yes
FXXRHS2019001320 Bubbling paint on back wall of cafeteria cafeteria No
FXXRHS201900131F Portable 3 Yes
FXXRHS201900131E Portable 2 Yes
FXXRHS201900131D gym No
FXXRHS201900131C Area rug appears non school item Media storage Yes
FXXRHS201900131B Weight room storage Yes
FXXRHS201900131A Dusty white shelving Media production Yes
FXXRHS2019001318 Wrestling storage Wrestle ng Yes
FXXRHS2019001316 Plug in Room 212 Yes
FXXRHS2019001315 Not seated Wrestle ng Yes
FXXRHS2019001314 Room 106 Yes
FXXRHS2019001312 Bean bags and window curtains Room 214 Yes