Walkthrough: Reservoir High School: December 14th, 2018 (WXXRHS20180000D7)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXRHS2018000451 There are two sets of lights out. Gym storage No
FXXRHS2018000450 Weight Room Yes
FXXRHS201800044F Ceiling tile is out from contractors. Office for dance teacher No
FXXRHS201800044E Room 106 Yes
FXXRHS201800044D Light out in high ceiling . Room 103 No
FXXRHS201800044A Office Yes
FXXRHS2018000449 Dresser Boys Locker Gym Office Yes
FXXRHS2018000448 Office Yes
FXXRHS2018000447 Vents in the ceiling and spider webs. Girls restroom No
FXXRHS2018000446 Vents are dusty and spider webs in corners Boys restroom Yes
FXXRHS2018000445 Practice Yes
FXXRHS2018000444 112b Yes
FXXRHS2018000443 Flex office Yes
FXXRHS2018000441 Stickers on return Flex office Yes
FXXRHS2018000440 Room 117 Yes
FXXRHS201800043F Light out in high ceiling Room 100 No
FXXRHS201800043D Stained tile near exit sign Cafe Hall Yes
FXXRHS201800043C Room 111 Yes
FXXRHS2018000439 Room 108 Yes
FXXRHS2018000438 There is a crack going down the wall in the back… Room 223 No
FXXRHS2018000437 Coffee maker found Room 229 No
FXXRHS2018000436 Dusty ventilation Room 226 No
FXXRHS2018000435 Floor has dust balls. E-5 closet Yes
FXXRHS2018000434 Lights and fake plants Room 234 Yes
FXXRHS2018000433 Room 207 Yes