Walkthrough: Patapsco Middle School: November 1st, 2019 (WXXPMS2019000240)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXPMS20190013BA Stained tile near exit door cafeteria Yes
FXXPMS20190013B9 Stairwell Yes
FXXPMS20190013B8 Missing tiles and old tiling Media storage Yes
FXXPMS20190013B7 Stained tiles Electrical back media office Yes
FXXPMS20190013B5 Stains on carpet e8 No
FXXPMS20190013B4 Hole on tile near projector screen e8 Yes
FXXPMS20190013B3 Stains on tiles near tv e6 Yes
FXXPMS20190013B1 Hole on outside of building, near handrail Exterior No
FXXPMS20190013B0 Stains on carpet e6 No
FXXPMS20190013AF Music office Yes
FXXPMS20190013AE Pipe from ceiling with rust residue gym Yes
FXXPMS20190013AD stains around media ceiling and hard to see… Media Yes
FXXPMS20190013AC d11 Yes
FXXPMS20190013AB Main electrical room hole in wall, needs caulk. Electrical closet No
FXXPMS20190013A9 Access panel not sealed Boys Bath across from d11 No
FXXPMS20190013A8 Cracks on ceiling at all four entries inside media Media Yes
FXXPMS20190013A7 Tile 3 by door stained e5 Yes
FXXPMS20190013A6 Electrical room off B1 Yes
FXXPMS20190013A5 Boiler room near boys locker room No
FXXPMS20190013A4 Stains on carpet e4 No
FXXPMS20190013A2 CMU blocks missing C1 closet 2 No
FXXPMS20190013A1 Dusty Sensory room Yes
FXXPMS20190013A0 Electrical closet in c1 Yes
FXXPMS201900139E Stains on tile 3 and 8 from door e3 Yes
FXXPMS201900139C Store chips in sealable container to prevent pest… C4 closet 1 Yes