Walkthrough: Patapsco Middle School: December 17th, 2018 (WXXPMS20180000DC)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXPMS201800048B Stained tile on right, one damaged ceiling tile Science storage across from D6 Yes
FXXPMS201800048A Holes I. Walls at former shower heads Boys showers No
FXXPMS2018000488 Damaged ceiling tiles b3 Yes
FXXPMS2018000487 Leaking from roof after rain. b5 No
FXXPMS2018000485 Storage across from B1 Yes
FXXPMS2018000484 Damaged tile, near supply Media Office Yes
FXXPMS2018000483 Media Yes
FXXPMS2018000482 Lounge bathrooms - returns not working Break room No
FXXPMS2018000481 e3 Yes
FXXPMS2018000480 e4 Yes
FXXPMS201800047E Crack in window T2 No
FXXPMS201800047C Lamp T1 Yes
FXXPMS201800047B d9 Yes
FXXPMS2018000479 Lamps f8 Yes
FXXPMS2018000477 Outside of e7 a8_hall Yes
FXXPMS2018000476 e7 Yes
FXXPMS2018000475 f5 Yes
FXXPMS2018000473 Hallway I. Front of F1 f2_hall Yes
FXXPMS2018000471 Hole in Tile on Front of art hall and nearby… a8_hall Yes