Walkthrough: Northfield Elementary School: February 6th, 2019 (WXXNES2019000126)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXNES2019000906 Small stain near the outside of room c34 Hallway Yes
FXXNES2019000904 Replace Closet c54 Yes
FXXNES2019000903 C45 Yes
FXXNES2019000902 C47 Yes
FXXNES2019000901 Stained ceiling tile by door C47 Yes
FXXNES2019000900 Very cluttered art room storage B06 Yes
FXXNES20190008FF Observed one small silver fish C110 No
FXXNES20190008FE Stained tile near window C31 Yes
FXXNES20190008FD C31 Yes
FXXNES20190008FC Stained tile near window C31 Yes
FXXNES20190008FB B36 Yes
FXXNES20190008FA Food in unsealed containers C97 Yes
FXXNES20190008F9 Dirty supply vents. High dusting C96 Yes
FXXNES20190008F8 Hole in ceiling tile between c19 and c20 in team… C15 Yes
FXXNES20190008F7 C19 Yes
FXXNES20190008F6 C74 Yes
FXXNES20190008F5 C74 Yes
FXXNES20190008F4 C74 Yes
FXXNES20190008F3 C74 Yes
FXXNES20190008F2 C81_Health_Suite Yes