Walkthrough: Lisbon Elementary School: November 7th, 2019 (WXXLES2019000247)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXLES20190014C1 Clean Wall-Mounted HVAC unit Room 132 No
FXXLES2019001459 Solids trap needs checking. Rusty evaluate Room 181 No
FXXLES2019001458 Old desk outside door. Trip hazard for egress.… Room 122 Yes
FXXLES2019001457 The very bottom at a section of the foundation… Room 102 No
FXXLES2019001456 Vent needs cleaning 187a Yes
FXXLES2019001455 Dusty tops of file cabinets Room 170 Yes
FXXLES2019001454 Stain 187a Yes
FXXLES2019001453 Boys restroom in back pod rusty pipes under sink… 5th Grade Girls Bath No
FXXLES2019001452 Spiders by Windows and door Room 132 No
FXXLES201900144F Wall mounted ac unit needs to be cleaned. Met 148 No
FXXLES201900144E Room 140 Yes
FXXLES201900144D Stain Paper closet 111 Yes
FXXLES201900144B Room 115 No
FXXLES201900144A cafeteria_174 Yes