Walkthrough: Lisbon Elementary School: March 29th, 2019 (WXXLES2019000187)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXLES2019000E0C Return dirty near exterior door in cafe Cafeteria Yes
FXXLES2019000E08 Baseboard heater rusted kitchen bathroom Room 175 Yes
FXXLES2019000E06 Kitchen bathroom Room 175 Yes
FXXLES2019000E04 Return vents dirty next to stage, both sides Cafeteria/Stage Yes
FXXLES2019000E02 Cobwebs Room 116 Yes
FXXLES2019000E00 Daylight a t doors Room 118 Yes
FXXLES2019000DFE Daylight at doors Room 117 Yes
FXXLES2019000DFC Doors - daylight and rust 112_hall Yes
FXXLES2019000DFA Return grille missing Room 119 Yes
FXXLES2019000DF8 Dirt in light fixtures Room 145 Yes
FXXLES2019000DF6 Missing supply diffuser cover Room 123 Yes
FXXLES2019000DF4 Cobwebs Room 124 Yes
FXXLES2019000DF2 Rust and daylight at doors 125_hall Yes
FXXLES2019000DF0 Drain screen dirty Girls Bath near 4th Grade Yes
FXXLES2019000DEE Daylight at doors Room 132 Yes
FXXLES2019000DEC Area rug needs to be cleaned occassionally Room 162 Yes
FXXLES2019000DEA Supply diffuser cover missing Room 163 Yes
FXXLES2019000DE8 Door frame rusted out 162_hall Yes
FXXLES2019000DE6 Cobwebs Room 165 Yes
FXXLES2019000DE2 Vent dropped in custodial closet in 5th Geade 166_common_area Yes
FXXLES2019000DE0 Gym hall vestibule daylight at doors and rust on… gym_hall Yes
FXXLES2019000DDE Dirty return in closet Room 181 Yes
FXXLES2019000DDD Room 181 Yes