Walkthrough: Ilchester Elementary School: February 13th, 2020 (WXXIES20200002D3)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXIES2020001C63 Portable 35 - Missing t stat cover Portable No
FXXIES2020001C62 Room 241 Yes
FXXIES2020001C61 Room 116 No
FXXIES2020001C5F Consider stacking paper boxes no more than 5 high… Roof Access Yes
FXXIES2020001C5E Room 114 No
FXXIES2020001C5B Storage 5 Yes
FXXIES2020001C59 Paint chipping on left side of Windows, possibly… Room 230 No
FXXIES2020001C57 Gym office Fridge Room 223 Yes
FXXIES2020001C55 Tile askew Room 219 Yes
FXXIES2020001C53 Kitchen - dust and debris on sprinkler head Room 221 Yes