Walkthrough: Ilchester Elementary School: February 19th, 2019 (WXXIES201900013C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXIES2019000A06 Things Stored on the shelf are too close to the.… Room 228 No
FXXIES2019000A05 Things stored on the shelf are too close to the… Room 229 No
FXXIES2019000A02 Room 237 Yes
FXXIES2019000A01 Room 212 Yes
FXXIES2019000A00 Restroom Yes
FXXIES20190009FF Bathroom Yes
FXXIES20190009FE Room 221 Yes
FXXIES20190009FD Media Center Yes
FXXIES20190009FC Room 221 Yes
FXXIES20190009FA Room 219 No
FXXIES20190009F9 Room 248 Yes
FXXIES20190009F8 Room 244 Yes
FXXIES20190009F7 RECC Office Yes
FXXIES20190009F6 Room 112 No
FXXIES20190009F5 RECC Office Yes
FXXIES20190009F2 Room 246 Yes
FXXIES20190009F1 Room 108 No
FXXIES20190009F0 Room 104 No