Walkthrough: Hammond Middle School: December 11th, 2019 (WXXHMS201900026D)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXHMS20190016D8 Exhaust not working. Staff Bathrooms close to the admn area on the elementary side No
FXXHMS20190016D7 Crack in the wall near the ceiling. Media storage Room 154 No
FXXHMS20190016D6 Thermostat guard removed from the wall to gain… Portable 127 Yes
FXXHMS20190016D5 Thermostat guard removed from the wall to gain… Portable 116 Yes
FXXHMS20190016D4 Cord protectors not installed. Room 146 Yes
FXXHMS20190016D3 Gym Yes
FXXHMS20190016AF Things stored less than 18 inches from the ceiling S23 Yes
FXXHMS20190016AE S23 Yes
FXXHMS20190016AB Too hot Electrical Room No
FXXHMS20190016AA MDF Yes
FXXHMS20190016A9 PE Storage Yes
FXXHMS20190016A8 Room 151 Yes
FXXHMS20190016A7 Room 153 No
FXXHMS20190016A6 Guidance Conference Yes
FXXHMS20190016A5 Room 113 Yes
FXXHMS20190016A4 Room 116 Yes
FXXHMS20190016A3 Room 116 Yes
FXXHMS20190016A0 Door sticks (difficult to close) and frequently… Room 120 No
FXXHMS201900169E Ceiling Tile missing Room 120 Yes
FXXHMS201900169C One of the ceiling tiles with a speaker looks… Room 118 Yes
FXXHMS201900169B Small spot on one ceiling tile Room 124 Yes
FXXHMS201900169A Ethernet cord needs covered Room 131 Yes
FXXHMS2019001699 Room 127 Yes