Walkthrough: Hammond Elementary School: January 31st, 2020 (WXXHES20200002C3)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXHES2020001BFD No heat in the 4th grade area per the teachers… 4th Grade Pod Area No
FXXHES2020001BBF Gym Storage Yes
FXXHES2020001BBE Boys Bathroom Yes
FXXHES2020001BBD Storage 75 Yes
FXXHES2020001BBC Stains on wall above door Storage 66 No
FXXHES2020001BBA Room 067 Yes
FXXHES2020001BB9 Cold water tab not working Room 068 No
FXXHES2020001BB7 Hot water tab not working 5th Grade Student Workspace No
FXXHES2020001BB6 5th Grade Student Workspace Yes
FXXHES2020001BB5 Room 071 No
FXXHES2020001BB4 PE ofiice Yes
FXXHES2020001BB3 Girls Bathroom Yes
FXXHES2020001BB2 Room 055 Yes
FXXHES2020001BB1 Room 054 No
FXXHES2020001BB0 Room 055 No
FXXHES2020001BAE Room 053 No
FXXHES2020001BAD Room 053 No
FXXHES2020001BAC 043-2 Yes