Walkthrough: Hammond Elementary School: February 28th, 2019 (WXXHES2019000162)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXHES2019000ADA Suspect mold growth on ceiling. Office of the… Portable Yes
FXXHES2019000AD5 S23 Yes
FXXHES2019000AD4 HVAC vents need cleaning Cafe No
FXXHES2019000AD1 Access to the HVAC unit blocked. Clear the front… Portable Yes
FXXHES2019000AD0 PE ofiice Yes
FXXHES2019000ACF Vestibule Yes
FXXHES2019000ACE Custodial closet Yes
FXXHES2019000ACC Dirt and cement dust on floor. Storage 75 Yes
FXXHES2019000ACA Broken and stained ceiling tile above first fridge Staff lounge Yes
FXXHES2019000AC8 Tile peeling up by fridge Staff lounge Yes
FXXHES2019000AC7 Room 078 Yes
FXXHES2019000AC5 Curtain Room 85 Yes
FXXHES2019000AC2 Room 091 Yes
FXXHES2019000AC1 Room 071 Yes
FXXHES2019000AC0 Almost 78 deg. Room 030 Yes
FXXHES2019000ABF Room 030 Yes
FXXHES2019000ABD Teacher reports when it rains tile gets stained Room 036 Yes
FXXHES2019000ABC Room 035 Yes
FXXHES2019000ABB Room 029 Yes
FXXHES2019000AB9 Stuffed animals Room 050 Yes
FXXHES2019000AB7 Broken insulation over pipe in door to right at… Closet No
FXXHES2019000AB5 Dusty ceiling vent Boys bathroom Yes
FXXHES2019000AB4 Reception Yes
FXXHES2019000AB2 Too hot Room 053 Yes
FXXHES2019000AB0 Room 069 Yes