Walkthrough: Glenwood Middle School: October 7th, 2019 (WXXGMS201900020C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGMS20190011E5 Cracked tile by FCU 6.5 Prep Room (32/28) Yes
FXXGMS20190011E4 Room 29 No
FXXGMS20190011E3 Tile around vent split (FCU 6.9). Room 27 No
FXXGMS20190011E2 Room 25 No
FXXGMS20190011E1 AC Jacket (black thing loose). #33 - Orcehstra Room No
FXXGMS20190011E0 34 - Orchestra Office Yes
FXXGMS20190011DF Back kitchen, hot water dripping. 35 - FACS No
FXXGMS20190011DE Are outlets GFCIs? Adult Bathrooms No
FXXGMS20190011DD Exit Signs at end of main hall - one has arrow… End of Main Hall Yes
FXXGMS20190011DC Paper stacked on top shelf. Work Room Yes
FXXGMS20190011DB GFCI needed by sink. Front Office Kitchen No
FXXGMS20190011DA Windows General No
FXXGMS20190011D9 Computer Lab Yes
FXXGMS20190011D8 Stained ceiling till by window sill. Music Room Yes
FXXGMS20190011D7 Media Storage Yes
FXXGMS20190011D6 Grey tape on window - Unclear as to why it is… Room 18 Yes
FXXGMS20190011D5 Warm Room 20 No
FXXGMS20190011D4 Paint peeling near bulletin board. Room 21 No
FXXGMS20190011D3 Storage height of tote and large ball is too… Gym Storage (Near Fitness) Yes
FXXGMS20190011D2 Visible wires in light fixture. Electrical shop… Gym Storage (Near Fitness) No
FXXGMS20190011D1 Clean floors (dirt on floors) Fitness Lab Yes
FXXGMS20190011D0 Return air grille missing. Gym Storage (Boys Locker Room) No
FXXGMS20190011CF Hole in Brick outside of Fitness. Exterior No
FXXGMS20190011CE Missing brick outside of FACS, last hallway (… Exterior Yes
FXXGMS20190011CD Salts on Electrical Conduit and flaking peeling… Boiler Room No