Walkthrough: Glenwood Middle School: October 26th, 2018 (WXXGMS2018000067)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGMS2018000117 Dusty hvac ceiling vents Room 32 Yes
FXXGMS2018000113 Cold Room 33 Yes
FXXGMS2018000112 Room 37 Yes
FXXGMS2018000111 Cold Room 34 Yes
FXXGMS201800010F Missing wall tile Girls restroom Yes
FXXGMS201800010B Storage rooms off fitness lab Yes
FXXGMS2018000105 Cable outlet cover on bottom of bleachers twisted… gym Yes
FXXGMS2018000104 Dirty vent grates Room 13 Yes
FXXGMS2018000103 Room 12 Yes
FXXGMS20180000FD When were GFI's last checked Kitchen Yes
FXXGMS20180000FB Cover on ice cream freezer needs to reinstalled Kitchen Yes
FXXGMS20180000FA Dust, hvac ceiling vent Room 11 Yes
FXXGMS20180000F8 Back sink on outside wall leaking Kitchen Yes
FXXGMS20180000F4 Ceiling hvac dusty Room 1 Yes