Walkthrough: Glenelg High School: February 25th, 2020 (WXXGHS20200002E5)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGHS2020001D1B Ceiling tile next to vent above desk is not… Room 201 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CEC Hole in wall and lock broken Room 3 No
FXXGHS2020001CEB Rehearsal room No
FXXGHS2020001CEA Room 312 No
FXXGHS2020001CE9 Room 312 No
FXXGHS2020001CE8 Uniform storage No
FXXGHS2020001CE7 Room 305 No
FXXGHS2020001CE4 Room has numerous appliances on counter by sink… Room 218 No
FXXGHS2020001CE3 Dust on window behind poster Room 221 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CE2 Room 142 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CE1 Discolored light in ceiling by BIG red fan Room 217 No
FXXGHS2020001CDF Erosion of brick to the left under windows Room 216 No
FXXGHS2020001CDE Dust behind windows Room 222 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CDD water stains above his ceiling tiles of his desk Room 214 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CDC Room 145 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CDB Room 144 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CDA Room 146 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CD9 Room 163 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CD8 Room 157 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CD6 Too hot Room 147 No
FXXGHS2020001CD3 Teacher is responsible for cleaning her flags,… Room 231 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CD2 Microwave Room 152 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CD0 Very hot and uncomfortable Room 156 No
FXXGHS2020001CCE A lot of Cobwebs by the window sill Room 158 Yes
FXXGHS2020001CCD Room 160 Yes