Walkthrough: Guilford Elementary School: March 5th, 2020 (WXXGES20200002F3)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGES2020001D70 Maintain 18 inch clearance from the ceiling Room 175 Yes
FXXGES2020001D6F Stuffed animals Room 175 Yes
FXXGES2020001D6E Maintain 18 inch clearance from the ceiling. Room 179 Yes
FXXGES2020001D6D Room 188 Yes
FXXGES2020001D6C Foyer Yes
FXXGES2020001D6B Foyer Yes
FXXGES2020001D6A Quiet Room Yes
FXXGES2020001D69 Room 107 Yes
FXXGES2020001D67 Room 155 Yes
FXXGES2020001D65 Room 103 Yes
FXXGES2020001D64 Room 103 Yes
FXXGES2020001D63 Room 159 Yes
FXXGES2020001D62 Hallway Yes
FXXGES2020001D61 Room 160 Yes
FXXGES2020001D60 Room 162 Yes
FXXGES2020001D5F Middle Yes
FXXGES2020001D5E Room 164 Yes