Walkthrough: Guilford Elementary School: April 23rd, 2019 (WXXGES20190001A1)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXGES2019000FEC Missing brick on backside of building Exterior No
FXXGES2019000FEB Vent is loud and rattles Quiet Room No
FXXGES2019000FEA Quiet Room Yes
FXXGES2019000FE8 Missing thermostat cover GT Portable No
FXXGES2019000FE6 Port 150 daylight at exterior doors GT Portable No
FXXGES2019000FE4 Missing thermostat covers Portable 1 and 2 No
FXXGES2019000FE3 Room 169 Yes
FXXGES2019000FE2 Room 165 Yes
FXXGES2019000FE0 Supply diffusers dirty Room 162 Yes
FXXGES2019000FDF 4th grade pod Yes
FXXGES2019000FDE Room 211 Yes
FXXGES2019000FDD Conference Room Yes
FXXGES2019000FDC Room 137 Yes
FXXGES2019000FDA Supply diffusers dusty Room 137 Yes
FXXGES2019000FD7 Bathroom exhaust not working Room 129 No
FXXGES2019000FD6 Room 129 Yes
FXXGES2019000FD4 Bathroom exhaust not working Room 125 No
FXXGES2019000FD3 197 3rd Gr Closet Yes
FXXGES2019000FD1 Returns dirty Room 103 Yes
FXXGES2019000FCF Returns in kitchen and kitchen storage dusty Room 107 Yes
FXXGES2019000FCD Supply diffusers dirty Room 121 Yes
FXXGES2019000FCC 199 Art Room Yes
FXXGES2019000FCA 199 Art Room Yes
FXXGES2019000FC9 Supply diffusers dirty Room 119 Yes
FXXGES2019000FC7 Return dusty gym Yes